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at collecting dues for education purposes. >>> this morning the national average price for a gallon of average gas is 3-cents less. now a decrease in demand has sent gas prices down and it could fall as much as a dime in the coming week. >>> the white house is usually inviting children to come trick or treating. this is video of the first lady and president inviting children and this year they are pulling the plug on the celebration as president barack obama travels to new jersey to help with the recovery efforts. >>> there are plenty of events going on and this morning the have a talk will hold it's not too spooky event. they will host a party and this is going to be in oakland. >>> we have some breaking news to tell you about in new jersey, a fire started out in new jersey and it was hit hard from sandy. we are out there live flames are reaching in the sky and there is a large cluster of flames and smaller fires that are spread out from this. it's not clear what is burning at this point. it looks like an e.ty area on the shore. however certainly you can see the building right next to this. t
department of education has stripped 23 schools of a key state ranking due to cheating and other misconduct in administering standardized tests. it happened during the testing that is used to calculate a school's academic performance index or api, which is used to rank schools in the state. according to the "los angeles times," the violations range from failing to cover bulletin boards to coaching students with actual test questions or helping them correct errors. the global family school was cited for having reference material on the wall during testing. >>> the east kroest is bracing for hurricane send. it's already done some damage in the southeastern u.s. what happened to passengers on board a disney cruise. >>> plus, pulling and all-night tore get giants -- nighter to get giants world championship merchandise. >>> take a look at that, a dream vacation on a disney cruise ship turned into a nightmare when it hit high surf from hurricane sandy near miami. the rough waves caused the merchandise to fall off shelves in the gift shop. one passenger says the high surf sent furniture flying ac
think it's really cool that berkeley is trying to spread their great education to everywhere but at the same time it's a little frustrating since i'm paying so much. >> most students who sign up for the program are going to school part time. many colleges say the online courses will not meet the full requirements to get a college degree. >>> today a new ad almost hit the web targeting san francisco supervisor christina who voted to reinstate sheriff ross mirkarimi. ivory madison recorded the ad. she first told police about the new year eves fight between mirkarimi and his wife. she thought reporting the ad would help protect women but said the system didn't work. >>> students at uc berkeley will hold a rally against a controversial city measure on next tuesday's ballot. measure s would ban people from sitting on sidewalks from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. supporters argue it would clean up the streets but opponents say it would criminalize the homeless. today's rally begins at 1:00 at sprawl plaza. >>> a crack down on rowdy party goers could be taking a step backwar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3